Welcome to Ziesche Modern Apothecary!
August 06, 2016 11:49

Ziesche (pronounced Zee-shee) Modern Apothecary is a San Francisco-based company that creates and sells body-care products made with natural and organic ingredients. Our plant-based, small-batch modern apothecary products are formulated to leave skin feeling cleansed and nourished while the carefully selected aromas tantalize your senses and soothe your mind.
We create our products without any of the harsh chemicals, parabens, animal products or JUNK that plague so many of the bath and body products on the market. The best part about Ziesche Modern Apothecary products is our list of natural ingredients- and they are printed right on the bottle.
Buy with confidence knowing that Ziesche is a Fair, Dedicated, Authentic company.
Fair: High-quality, affordable products made with only the best ingredients
Dedicated: To the customer, the community, and the environment (natural, organic products without harmful chemicals)
Authentic: Owner, Sherri Ziesche, has traveled the world and picked up techniques during her 25 years of experience in the beauty industry that she uses to create her products. She only sells products that she is happy to use herself. No BS.


All products are carefully curated by Sherri Ziesche in San Francisco.

Jet Setter Gift Sets Now Available!
April 10, 2016 11:42

Don't let your travels get between you and beautiful skin this summer! From the beach to the mountaintops, Ziesche Modern Apothecary has got you covered with our travel-size collection of our Ziesche skincare favorites.

Planning on a staycation this summer instead? These sets are also a great starter pack to give you a sample of the all-natural skincare line that our customers love. Each set includes Cleanser, Moisturizer, Dry Shampoo, Eye Cream, and Lip Balm. Get yours today!



Thanks for the Ziesche Love, Leo With Cancer!
April 10, 2016 10:46


We just wanted to give a quick shout-out to Leo With Cancer for her flattering review of our Dry Shampoo! We’re so glad you like it!

Like many others of us who’ve had bad experiences with dry shampoo in the past, Leo With Cancer probably felt a little skeptical about trying ours. We’re happy to hear that our all-natural, chemical-free formula “magically sucked up 8 days of not washing, hairspray use, and five Barry's Bootcamp workouts” and left her hair with “a really great texture, not deflated or flat.”

Check out her full review for more details.

Thanks again, Leo With Cancer, for the Ziesche Love!



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April 06, 2016 20:43

We've partnered with tablehopper to share the Ziesche <3 by giving away two $75 Ziesche gift cards! Don't miss out on this sweet opportunity to pamper yourself (and someone else!) with some of San Francisco's finest all natural body care products.

Activated Charcoal Cleanser
February 10, 2016 11:15

Peppermint Isn’t Just For The Holidays
February 04, 2016 13:22

Although we would like to think that our products at Ziesche Modern Apothecary could solve all of your life’s problems, we know this isn’t realistic. However, we do like to encourage our customers to try to stick with the natural products out there. Peppermint oil comes with so many benefits and so this holiday seasons when it seems as though every store and home you walk into smells of peppermint, remember that this essential oil can be used for multiple reasons all year round!
Benefits Of Peppermint Oil:
Relieve Muscle Pain
Peppermint oil has been used to centuries as a natural painkiller and muscle relaxer. If you are constantly experiencing back pain or tension headaches, applying 
peppermint oil to the areas in pain will allow for you to get fast relief.
Improve Your Sinuses
If you often find yourself suffering from colds, a cough, bronchitis or asthma, you may be pleased to find out that Peppermint essential oil will work as a pretty effective remedy to most of these things.
Energize Yourself
Starting your morning with a few whiffs of peppermint is sure to awaken your senses and give you a good start to your day. Peppermint oil has also been known to improve concentration in those people who struggle with focusing.
Reduce Food Cravings
For those people who get cravings for sweets or salty snacks right before bed, peppermint oil can help to prevent these cravings. By simply placing a drop or two on your wrists or chest, you will find yourself feeling soothed and not hungry at all before bed.

    "aha!" The skincare product you never knew you couldn't live without
    November 23, 2015 00:00

    If fine lines have you feeling less than fine lately, then you will be happy to hear that Ziesche Modern Apothecary has got your back!
    Meet your new best friend: AHA Matté Moisturizer
    So what exactly are AHAs? Alpha hydroxy acids are naturally occurring acids that have been proven to improve the texture and tone of skin. They help to remove the dulling dead skin cells from the skin surface and plump the layers below, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The toning qualities help to eliminate dark spots and minimize the appearance of scars. 
    It may seem too good to be true, but we assure you, the results are very real- and no witches or black magic were used in the creation of this product ;) This is just another wonderful example of nature's ability to heal.


    So smile on- without the fear of crows feet or fine lines- Ziesche Modern Apothecary has got you covered! Stay up-to-date on other great products and exclusive deals: connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.



    The Perfect Holiday Gift, Spa Gift Baskets Heal Mind and Body
    November 12, 2015 13:12

    It's hard to believe that November is half over! We're already seeing glimpses of holiday decorations (g)littering the store windows- reminding us that we're behind on our holiday shopping list (sigh). And what do we get Aunt Betty- the woman who has everything (thanks to an amazing divorce lawyer...)?
    Cheer up! Ziesche Modern Apothecary offers the one gift that everyone is sure to enjoy- the power to relax. Our all-natural, body-care products don't just work wonders for the skin, the tantalizing aromatherapy scents heal the mind as well. Go ahead and grab one for yourself while you're at it!
    Choose from three classic gifts sets for the ultimate Ziesche Aromatherapy experience: Lemongrass, Vetiver and Sage; Lavender, Sweet Orange and Cedarwood; and Rosewood, Palmrosa and Geranium. Each set includes a Cleanser and a Lotion that will soothe body and soul. All products are gender neutral and formulas are free of harmful chemicals, so they are safe for even the most sensitive skin types.

    Give someone you care about a gift they will appreciate time and time again; order a Ziesche gift set (or two... or three!) online and receive free shipping to anywhere in the United States. What are you waiting for? It's time to start shopping! :)



    Activated what?! Put it where?! Charcoal how you've never imagined...
    October 30, 2015 03:37

    One of the latest health and beauty trends that has taken the world by storm is activated charcoal. From topicals to ingestibles - charcoal is being used in ways most people have never imagined!

    What most people don’t know, however, is that activated charcoal has actually been used for centuries as a medicinal cure for all kinds of ailments. Even as science has advanced, modern medicine still holds a significant role for activated charcoal as a detoxifying agent for poisonous substances; it is commonly found in most ERs and ambulances.
    So what makes activated charcoal such a powerful detoxifying agent? It has the ability to absorb 100 to 200 times its weight in impurities… that’s powerful!
    Here at Ziesche Modern Apothecary, we love when tradition and science come together. Activated charcoal is a perfect example of this phenomenon, so we are thrilled that it is a primary ingredient for two new products still in the works- an all-natural purifying mask and charcoal cleanser that will launch soon. So keep your eye out for these amazing new products! 
    Stay up to date on all things Ziesche by connecting with us on Facebook and Twitter! You’ll also have access to exclusive deals and special events. So don’t miss out- share the love!

    Avoiding Parabens In Your Beauty Products
    October 21, 2015 13:47

    You may have noticed that Ziesche boasts the fact that we do not include parabens in any of our products. Although you may know that parabens are something you should avoid, you may not know what they are or exactly why they are bad for you.
    Parabens are a chemical compound that are often added to cosmetic products to prevent the growth of bacteria in them. They began gaining traction in the cosmetic world in the 1950’s because they were 1) cheap and 2) effective. Although there are parabens in some fruits, like blueberries, that are not bad for you, the majority of these compounds that are added to your beauty products are man-made and therefore harmful to you.
    The number one problem that has been discovered by studies and those who use products with parabens in them is that the compound mimic oestrogen in the body. This can lead to a number of problems such as early onset puberty, low sperm count, breast cancer and more.
    At Ziesche Modern Apothecary, we love our customers and want to make sure that our products are bringing only positivity to their lives, as well as increased well-being. This is why we exclude parabens from all of our products. If you haven’t switched to Ziesche natural body care products yet, then now is the time. Get rid of all those products that contain harmful elements like parabens and replace them with something that will make you feel and look great. Take a look at our online store today and find beauty products that are made with you in mind!

    Top 10 Aromatherapy Essential Oils You Should Own - Part 2
    October 12, 2015 00:00

    Rounding out the top 10 Aromatherapy scents you should own are:

    Dreading your daily workout? Use orange essential oil to motivate yourself. This oil will not only stimulate your senses but it is also known to reduce depression and anxiety.
    If you're having trouble focusing, use some peppermint essential oil to amp up your awareness and stimulate your brain. Soon you'll have ideas flying at you from every direction- just be sure to write them all down!
    If you have been feeling overwhelmed lately and find it hard to focus on your relationships,  use rose essential oil to improve your understanding and compassion.
    When you have a million things to get done, rosemary essential oil can help you focus on the tasks at hand and also improve your memory and general cognitive function.
    Ylang Ylang
    Spending the night in with your significant other? Use some Ylang Ylang essential oil to create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. But be prepared- your sweetheart won’t be able to keep his/her hands off of you (Ylang Ylang is also known to be a very effective aphrodisiac).

      Remember when using essential oils that a little goes a long, long way. Try as many different oils as you like until you identify your favorites. Remember to take time for yourself always. Happy Aromatherapy!


      Top 10 Aromatherapy Essential Oils You Should Own - Part 1
      September 23, 2015 11:16

      If you are familiar with Ziesche Modern Apothecary, then you are probably familiar with aromatherapy. But just in case- aromatherapy is using scent to affect therapeutic change in the body, whether it be physiologically, psychologically or otherwise.
      One of the most effective ways to experience aromatherapy is to use essential oils. These oils are made from the compounds of medicinal plants. They not only smell and taste like the plant they are formed from but they also have many medicinal uses. Below is a list of different essential oils and how they can affect you and your moods.
      When life feels stagnant or you are beginning to see signs of depression in yourself, the scent of basil can help to lift your spirits.
      If you are facing a big decision, cedar essential oil can help sway you in one direction or the other as it is known to enhance clarity.
      Have a long and tiring day at work? Instead of sitting in front of the television, light some candles and use chamomile essential oil to calm your mind.
      Lavender is the perfect addition to your late night soak as it is known to increase relaxation and overall elevate your mood.
      Lemon Balm
      Wake up in a bad mood? Use some lemon balm to calm your nerves and switch your mood from sour to sweet!

        Amp Up Your Shower Experience With Ziesche Body Scrub
        September 09, 2015 00:00

        Is your body wash giving you the best shower experience possible? There are things your skin needs that an ordinary body wash can't provide, which is why we recommend using a body scrub regularly. Not only can you achieve an intense clean, you also get the following benefits that will really amp up your bath time:
        Improve skin texture
        As our skin ages, it becomes more difficult for it to shed and replenish dead skin cells. An exfoliating scrub can help get rid of the old cells, allowing new cells to form.
        Increase energy
        The exfoliating properties in body scrub stimulates the skin and surrounding tissue resulting in increased circulation. The increase of blood flow assists in draining the lymph nodes, which makes you feel less sluggish throughout the day and can even elevate energy levels after extended use. 
        Lessen anxiety
        Taking a few moments to relax and breathe in the therapeutic aromas of this body scrub can result in improvements to your mood and help lessen anxiety. The other benefits of improved skin texture and elevated energy levels are sure to leave you smiling as well.
        Ziesche Body Scrub is all natural and made with ingredients that will leave you feeling and smelling great all day. The amazing ingredients of lemongrass, vetiver and sage will lift away the dirt and dead cells while smoothing and soothing your skin.
        Treat yourself to a decadent showering experience and get the skin you've always wanted!




        Have Fabulous Looking Hair Every Day
        August 20, 2015 10:47

        In recent years the popularity of dry shampoo has skyrocketed, which undoubtedly has to do with the convenience of not having to spend hours in front of the mirror every morning. Since we are constantly trying to find ways to save ourselves time, it makes sense that such a vast number of people have jumped on the dry shampoo bandwagon.
        If you haven’t tried this product yet, now is the perfect time to try it because Zeische Modern Apothecary is making the favorite product even better!
        Unlike many of our competitors, Zeische Dry Shampoo is all natural, vegan and with no nasty fillers like aluminum, paraben, talc, and silica. Zeische Dry Shampoo is not administered using an aerosol can so there is no negative impact on the environment. Enjoy the convenience of dry shampoo, without all the nasty JUNK.
        The all-natural ingredients absorb excess oils in your hair and eliminate any odor that may be lingering (from happy-hour with the gals last night). Not only is it safe for every hair color and type, it will add incredible volume, body and texture to your hair. The only thing more fabulous than your hair after using Ziesche's new Dry Shampoo is the price!
        Check out our store to order it today.

        Be Good To Your Skin
        August 12, 2015 16:46

        Just because a commercial tells you a product is good for you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it's true. In fact, there's a very good chance that your body wash actually contains chemicals that are damaging to your skin. This is why you should always check the labels of products before you buy. But not everyone is a chemist- so we've highlighted three commonly found chemicals to watch out for.
        Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)
        This foaming agent is the most common skin irritant in body products on the market today. It can cause dry and itchy skin as well as canker sores and eczema for those with sensitive skin. SLS can also permanently damage eye tissue.

        Propylene Glycol (Antifreeze)
        Yes, you read that right. There may be traces of antifreeze in your body wash. Yikes! This chemical can be toxic to your lungs, eyes, skin and much more!

        Triclosan is linked to the development of allergies in children and, when combined with chlorine found in tap water, turns into chloroform. EEK! Not ideal for using in the shower.
        When you buy your body products from Ziesche, you can rest easy knowing that all of our products are paraben free and made with natural, organic ingredients- free from harmful chemicals and preservatives. Try something from our store and see what real clean feels like.

        The Best Ingredients For Your Skin
        July 30, 2015 12:16

        Formulating the perfect body scrub is no easy feat; but thanks to owner, Sherri Ziesche’s, extensive experience and understanding of old-world apothecary techniques, Ziesche Modern Apothecary has done just that. Her secret ingredients? They’re no secret at all! They’re listed right there on the front of the label; lemongrass, vetiver, and sage are three all-natural ingredients found in our scrub that are sure to improve the quality of your skin. Here’s how:
        LemongrassLemongrass is an incredible toner for your skin. Its natural antimicrobial, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties restore your skin’ natural PH balance and protect it from harmful pollutants in the environment.
        VetiverVetiver calms any inflammation that you may have in your skin. It also has cicatrisant properties, which are great for eliminating the appearance of scars and other skin abnormalities such as discoloration or stretch marks.
        SageThere are so many benefits to using a skin product with sage; the Latin name “sage” actually means healing plant. It is used as an anti-aging treatment due to the antioxidants that occur naturally in it’s leaves. It is ideal for treating skin disorders such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis.
        Ziesche Modern Apothecary knows that the key to making the best products is to use the best ingredients. So we leave out all the harmful JUNK that is commonly found in other cosmetics, and fill our formulas full of only the good stuff. The results are all-natural skincare, haircare, and aromatherapy products that leave your body looking and feeling better.

        Discover the Modern Apothecary
        July 06, 2015 14:59

        Old-world apothecaries have a pretty common reputation: shelves full of herbs and exotic spices to heal any and every ailment. The apothecary has evolved dramatically over the centuries into what are now modern day pharmacies and clinics. Ziesche has embraced methods from both the past and the present and formed them into the idea of the modern apothecary- a haven of all natural, plant based and biodegradable body products that are sure to enhance your overall well being.

        Ziesche Modern Apothecary sells a variety of body scrubs, lotions, soaps and more; all made with natural ingredients that will soothe not only your skin, but your mind. The perfectly balanced combination of natural ingredients leaves skin feeling cleansed and nourished while the carefully selected aromas tantalize your senses. Your bathing experience will never be the same again.

        Buy with confidence knowing that Ziesche is a Fair, Dedicated, Authentic company.

        Fair: High-quality, low-cost products made with only the best ingredients

        Dedicated: To the customer, the community, and the environment (all-natural products without harmful chemicals)

        Authentic: Owner, Sherri Zieshce, has traveled the world and picked up techniques during her 25 years of experience in the beauty industry that she uses to create her products. She only sells products that she is happy to use herself. No BS.





        001 { lemongrass Vetiver & Sage } Gift Sets available ...
        June 26, 2015 12:18

        001 Lemongrass Vetiver & Sage Gift Set{ 001 Lemongrass Vetiver & Sage } gift sets are available and they include Hand & Body WashHand & Body Lotion and our amazing Foaming Body Scrub made with ground bamboo and walnut shells. 

        Show someone you care by giving them an all-natural, junk-free gift set from Ziesche Modern Apothecary. We use only the best ingredients to craft our small-batch formulas, ensuring the highest quality product- every time. 

        Share the love! Connect with us on Facebook or Twitter to stay up-to-date on new product releases and special offers.

        Lavender Fields Forever: Aromatherapy to Relieve Stress
        May 19, 2015 14:05

        When I'm stressed and feeling restless, I turn to the lavender plant on my nightstand and take in its minty, peppery, fresh-flower aroma. Breathe in deeply. Breathe out slowly. Again. Close my eyes. My heart beat slows and my blood pressure seems to lower. I feel calm and am able to sleep like a baby. 

        The name, lavender, comes from the Latin term lavare, which means "to wash" and is historically used as a natural remedy to purify the mind, stomach, and skin.

        In a Natural Medicine Journal article by Jeremy Appleton, lavender as an essential oil or in dried form is shown to have been used for mood imbalances such as anxiety, insomnia, depression and “nervous stomach.” Its essential oil has been used to help with dandruff control, bloating and skin inflammation. 
        So it's no coincidence that I chose lavender as a main ingredient for one of Ziesche's signature product lines; 002 Lavender, Sweet Orange and Cedarwood. Next time you're feeling restless, lather up with an all-natural body wash or massage in a calming body lotion that is infused with the soothing aromas of lavender.

        At ZIESCHE Modern Apothecary We Believe Paraben-Free is the way to be
        May 13, 2015 20:18

        Here at Ziesche Modern Apothecary, we only use the best ingredients for our small-batch formulas, which means- NO PARABENS! While parabens have not been proven to cause cancer, we don't want to take any risks when it comes to the safety of our customers.

        are esters formed from acid and alcohol of p-hydroxybenzoic acid, and they are commonly used as preservatives in most cosmetics. From concealers and shampoos to deodorant, parabens can be found in nearly any body-care product on the shelf. The FDA has not found parabens to be directly linked to cancer, but there have been multiple studies performed that still leave room for questions as to the safety of long-term exposure to the chemicals. 
        That's why we believe that Paraben-Free is the way to be. Our products are always free from any harmful chemicals and are made from organic ingredients. Choose from our gender-neutral, family friendly product lines that include Hand & Body Wash, Hand & Body Lotion, Scrubs, and Hair-care products. Pamper yourself... without all the JUNK!

        Welcome to ZIESCHE Modern Apothecary
        July 14, 2014 21:16

        Thanks for taking a peek at our incredible bath and body line. Our handcrafted, plant-based, small-batch modern apothecary products are sure to cleanse and hydrate your skin without any of the harsh chemicals, parabens, animal products or JUNK that plague so many of the bath and body products on the market.  

        All products are curated with love in San Francisco, California.  

        Spread the love and lather up with Ziesche