Avoiding Parabens In Your Beauty Products October 21, 2015 13:47

You may have noticed that Ziesche boasts the fact that we do not include parabens in any of our products. Although you may know that parabens are something you should avoid, you may not know what they are or exactly why they are bad for you.
Parabens are a chemical compound that are often added to cosmetic products to prevent the growth of bacteria in them. They began gaining traction in the cosmetic world in the 1950’s because they were 1) cheap and 2) effective. Although there are parabens in some fruits, like blueberries, that are not bad for you, the majority of these compounds that are added to your beauty products are man-made and therefore harmful to you.
The number one problem that has been discovered by studies and those who use products with parabens in them is that the compound mimic oestrogen in the body. This can lead to a number of problems such as early onset puberty, low sperm count, breast cancer and more.
At Ziesche Modern Apothecary, we love our customers and want to make sure that our products are bringing only positivity to their lives, as well as increased well-being. This is why we exclude parabens from all of our products. If you haven’t switched to Ziesche natural body care products yet, then now is the time. Get rid of all those products that contain harmful elements like parabens and replace them with something that will make you feel and look great. Take a look at our online store today and find beauty products that are made with you in mind!