At ZIESCHE Modern Apothecary We Believe Paraben-Free is the way to be May 13, 2015 20:18

Here at Ziesche Modern Apothecary, we only use the best ingredients for our small-batch formulas, which means- NO PARABENS! While parabens have not been proven to cause cancer, we don't want to take any risks when it comes to the safety of our customers.

are esters formed from acid and alcohol of p-hydroxybenzoic acid, and they are commonly used as preservatives in most cosmetics. From concealers and shampoos to deodorant, parabens can be found in nearly any body-care product on the shelf. The FDA has not found parabens to be directly linked to cancer, but there have been multiple studies performed that still leave room for questions as to the safety of long-term exposure to the chemicals. 
That's why we believe that Paraben-Free is the way to be. Our products are always free from any harmful chemicals and are made from organic ingredients. Choose from our gender-neutral, family friendly product lines that include Hand & Body Wash, Hand & Body Lotion, Scrubs, and Hair-care products. Pamper yourself... without all the JUNK!