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Ziesche Dry Shampoo - How I Get Away With Rarely Washing My Hair
April 21, 2016 00:00

San Francisco fashion, food and lifestyle blogger, KatWalkSF shares her #ZiescheLove for our dry shampoo. Check out her full blog post below: 


I love washing my (over-processed) white blonde hair just about as much as I love doing my taxes, so needless to say dry shampoo is a big part of my life!
I’ve tried them all…the pricey ones from Sephora or my hair stylist, the $3.99 Suave option from Walgreens and now the natural option from local brand, Ziesche. This all-natural formula absorbs excess oil + eliminates odor (even after my Basecamp workout).
Now this dry shampoo is not in an aerosol can, which can be scary for some people. The powder formula is super easy to apply by simply parting your hair into sections and applying it down the part. Once I’ve applied the formula I simply work it into my weave and create instant volume (and clean) hair.
A word from Ziesche that I appreciate:
Our unscented formula is gender-neutral and safe for all hair colors. And as always, we left out all the junk. Our Dry Shampoo is aluminum free, paraben free, talc free, and silica free.
And just like the Dry Shampoo, The Hand & Body Wash is junk free making it safe for everyone – including Benji, who got a Ziesche bath yesterday when I was out of dog shampoo!


Did I sell you on the dry shampoo?
Try the Ziesche dry shampoo with FREE shipping with the code: KATWALKSF.
So stock up now! You won’t be disappointed.